Emma is an Multi award winning & Published artist specialising in Country/ field sports & Wildlife art, Most recently working Gun engraving artwork which shows the detail and skills that go into the production of guns.

Emma has won multiple awards as well as being published in some of the most prestiges magazines within the Country community.

Although all of her works is created around the countryside with is where her passion lies as well as being a keen Clay shooter herself, Emma originally started with wildlife from her trips of wildlife conservation in Kenya. 

Highly passionate about creating high quality memories and art for the animal loving community all over the world. 

Creating artwork via the oil pencil medium is something very different and one she loves, as well as taking her own photos for some of her work, Emma also works along side award winning and well known photographers to gain references so some of her pieces. 

Emma Specialises in Creating artwork for Country Estates on a large scale as well as custom commissions for other clients as well. 

Although English born Emma know resides in the Rhondda Valleys in south Wales where she works & lives with her Husband Marc , Son Oliver and their Staffordshire bull terrier Rosie. 

‘I love where I live the community is fantastic and the views are always captivating, Living in a fairly rural area the surrounding and animals are also a great motivator’

Emma does donate to charities on a regular bases..

As a British based company proud to say everything is designed and made in the UK.