Hi I’m Emma Cawston 🌿

I am a British Coloured pencil Visual Artist based in South Wales, UK. 

My art Has not only won awards and been in publications but is inspired by nature and the beautiful rustic countryside. 

As a eco friendly conscious person which not only stems from my Homelife is spills into my business ensuring everything from the pencil to production is all sustainably thought out.

My work explores the beautiful nature and the wonders of wildlife and animal behaviours. 

I try to encapsulate the movement and lifestyle of the wildlife as well as culture that comes with country living. 

I also have a big interest the the fine art that comes from engraving work which I like to put the pencil to the paper and draw the intricate details of the non organic forms. 

I have a very personal approach to Bespoke work as it’s a very personal joinery for my clients from adding beautiful natural touches to small cabins to large traditional extravagant pieces in large stately homes across the world. 

I also love a good tool which is why my art extends into functional furniture pieces made with wood, resin and fine art incorporated together to give 1 off limited pieces. 

From Doing Wildlife conservation in Kenya my passion for the environments and carbon footprint is the forefront of my business. 🌿