Browning Diana 20 Gauge Original

Browning Diana Shotgun – Fine Art Drawing in Reclaimed Oak Frame

This fine art drawing of a Browning Diana shotgun is a true masterpiece that will make a statement in any space. The level of detail and the use of shading captivates the viewer’s eye and draw them into the artwork’s world.

Measuring 30 X 40cm, this original artwork is a beautiful representation of one of Browning’s most iconic shotguns. The use of oil Pencils in this artwork technique emphasizes the texture and design of the firearm, making it an artful tribute for any shooting enthusiast.

The fine art drawing is set in a handmade frame crafted from reclaimed oak, creating an exquisite composition of artistry and natural beauty. The high-quality craftsmanship of the artist and the framer come together to create a unique and timeless piece that will remain a cherished work of art for generations.

This artwork is ideal for those who value craftsmanship, authenticity, and creativity and perfect for those seeking to give a unique gift that is both artful and functional. Each piece is hand-signed by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring its originality and quality.


  • Title: Browning Diana Shotgun – Fine Art Drawing in Reclaimed Oak Frame
  • Medium: Oil Coloured Pencil on Pastel Mat
  • Dimensions:Artwork – 30 X 40cm

    Framing – 47 X 57cm

  • Frame materials: Reclaimed timber with black accent mount
  • Year: 2023
  • Artist: Emma Cawston (B. 1990)

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