Custom Work

A non-refundable of £50 will be taken to book work (this doesn’t mine work will commence at that time this is only to secure a booking. In some rare cases a 50% deposit maybe required this is down to discussion between Artist (Emma Cawston) and you (The Client)

once work has been completed and you (The Client) are 100% happy with the finished Product then full payment is required. You have 30days from a agreed finished product to pay the full amount or the Artist has the right to sell this product ( extension will be accepted under agreed circumstances which will need to be discussed between Artist (Emma Cawston) & you ( the client)



All copyright belongs to the artist including custom work. The should never be reproduced in any form for personal or commercial use unless agreed by Artist (Emma Cawston) 

copyright maybe purchased from the Artist (Emma Cawston) for terms and information please contact (