Feathers Of Prosperity

‘Feathers Of Prosperity’ Created to show the meaning and love for very exquisite stunning pheasants.

Showing the memorable colours and beauty of pheasants that are seen in different ways through many cultures.

Known for Fortune and Prosperity also a symbol of courage and strength.

Creating these feathers by hand using Pastel Mat and coloured pencils.

hand crafting all the individual feathers was a true labour of love

Pheasants one of my favourite birds it nice to have a piece of modern art that celebrates these stunning creatures.


  • Title: Feathers of Prosperity
  • Medium: Oil Coloured Pencil on Pastel Mat Hand crafted individual feathers brushed with mica powder and coated in resin.
  • Dimensions: Artwork – 122 cm X 60.5 cm 
  • Year: 2023
  • Artist: Emma Cawston (B. 1990)


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