“Gwen” Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print

Introducing the Captivating “Gwen” Limited Edition Giclee Print – A Mesmerizing Blend of Elegance and Playfulness!

🎨 Immerse yourself in the world of refined artistry with our “Gwen” limited edition Giclee print. Every Pencil mark captures the essence of a moment suspended in time, showcasing a majestic spaniel mid-jump into the crystal-clear waters. This fine art piece encapsulates the perfect harmony between nature’s beauty and the exuberant spirit of man’s best friend.

🐾 Experience the sheer joy of the spaniel as it leaps fearlessly into the water, its silken fur caught in the dance of motion. The intricate detailing of each droplet cascading in its wake conveys a sense of kinetic energy frozen in paper.

🖼️ With a minimal background that draws your focus solely on the spaniel’s graceful leap, “Gwen” lends an air of sophistication to any space. Whether displayed in your living room, bedroom, or even a professional setting, this piece adds an artistic flair that sparks conversations and ignites imagination.

🌟 Crafted with the utmost precision, our limited edition giclee print utilizes state-of-the-art printing technology to ensure museum-quality reproduction. Each Pencil mark, color nuance, and texture is faithfully recreated, resulting in a print that mirrors the original masterpiece in every aspect. This isn’t just a print – it’s a genuine piece of art that you can treasure for years to come.

🔒 “Gwen” limited edition Giclee print is available in a highly exclusive release. With only a limited number of prints available, you’ll be one of the privileged few to own this piece of artistic brilliance. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring its value and provenance.



Printed on High quality Matt textured Somerset Enhanced Velvet 255 gsm (Exhibiting high whiteness without unnecessary use of optical brightening agents (OBA), this archival grade paper is buffered with calcium carbonate to combat acid attack finished prints may encounter from air pollution)

Using pigment archival ink that will last at least 75 years.

The print has the option to be sent mounted, and ready to frame. Each print is signed and numbered.


16 X 12 Rolled

16 X 12 Mounted to 20 X 16

Certificate of Authenticity will also be included

Limited run of ONLY 70