NEW! Leap of Faith – Limited Edition Giclee Print

Introducing our newest addition – Leap of Faith, a Limited Edition Giclee Print. This print captures the natural environment of wildlife through movement art, showcasing a Roe Buck’s unique motion. Printed on high-quality paper using pigment archival ink, each print is signed and numbered by the artist themselves. With only 100 prints available, this is truly a limited edition piece that will make a statement in any room it’s displayed in.

✨ Signed and numbered by the artist
✨ Limited edition giclee print
✨ Captures natural environment of wildlife


Movement art had got to be one of my favourite forms of art, it shows the natural environment of the wildlife, although I do many face on studies of animals this is something I find intriguing and very unique to normal things you see or capture I wanted to show a Roe Bucks Natural motion.



16 X 12 Rolled

16 X 12 Mounted to 20 X 16

Certificate of Authenticity will also be included

Limited run of ONLY 100