BEST SELLER – ‘The Waiting Game’ Greeting Card

Intricate Coloured Pencil fine art card: ‘The Waiting Game’

5” X 7” (178mm X 127mm) Card is left blank for your own message, Finished with a Tent Fold

Perfect for thank you, birthdays or any occasion.

This is a high-quality inkjet print, of the original Fine art Coloured pencil illustration. Printed on Recycled paper

Recycled Materials:

I use recycled card
Recycled Uncoated is off-white, with a coarse texture and rustic flecks throughout. Its uncoated surface gives print colours a sophisticated feel and a slightly muted finish.

350 GSM

Kraft Envelope

Brings a rustic, handmade feel, with the earthy tones of Kraft, My Kraft envelopes are made using 110gsm paper

For packaging I use Compostable Cellophane bags.

Compostable Cellophane bags for a greener packaging choice. Created from eco-friendly PLA film, it biodegrades completely into CO2, water and biomass under composting conditions.


I hope you enjoy my card as much as I enjoyed making it.


All orders are shipped via second class through the UK Royal Post Office


Overseas customers: May take a Little Longer based on the postal services.


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